Java 10 Released With New Features: Download Here

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Ever since its inception, Java has continued to rule the hearts of programmers as one of the most loved and used programming languages around. In 2017, Oracle and Java community decided to move to a new six-month cycle.

The recently released JDK 10 is the first Oracle release in the new cycle. So, in a way, this implementation of Java Standard Edition (SE) 10 is the beginning of a new era. It follows Java 9, which arrived just six months ago.

It’s worth noting that there were plans to name the releases on year and month. That would have resulted in Java 18.3 name. But those plans were eventually dropped.

Java 10 features:

Java 10 is not just a simple performance and stability release. Instead, it introduces a total 12 new enhancements. The developers can grab the new release and get started with them in no time.

The four key features of this release are:

  • Application Class-Data Sharing for optimizing startup time and footprint
  • Parallel Full GC to improve G1 latencies
  • Local-variable type interference to extend type inference to declarations of local variables with initializers
  • Experimental Java-Based JIT compiler for Linux/x64 platform

Read more features here on this release notes page.

Download Java JDK 10

You can download Java JDK 10 from Oracle’s website.

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