How About Turning Your Home Into A Giant Processor Using Wi-Fi?

Turn Home Into Giant Co-Processor WiFi

While the folks at Intel may tap their back for creating processor of the size of the tip of a nail, the researcher duo Philipp del Hougne and Geoffroy Lerosey are up to something else (Via: Ars Technica).

Rather than shrinking the size of the silicon chip, they believe in transforming an entire house into a gigantic processor.

So, how can the researchers achieve their not-so-usual dream? The basic idea revolves around the concept that waves can be used to perform analog calculations. But it has hardly made past the theory.

In a novel approach, they have used the very familiar WiFi waves and made them reflect across the walls. According to the researchers, as the waves traverse, they’re already performing calculations when they overlap with each. It’s just that the calculations are random and that’s what is needed to be taken care of.

In other words, due to fabrication and scalability issues, it’s difficult to create a system that can come with computations that don’t produce random results.

In case there are two waves, to achieve a successful calculation, the path taken by the waves is controlled and their amplitudes are added.

Another challenge in this application is the interdependency of different radiations and different factors associated with them. It also creates an unknown component of the amplitude which makes things even more complicated.

While using WiFi waves for computation may seem like an experiment you might want to try, many technical shortcomings are responsible for its impracticability in real life. In case this concept turns into the reality, get ready to call a computer your home, literally.

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