iOS 18 Fab Five: Top AI Features to Watch Out For

ios 18

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18, set to be unveiled at WWDC 2024 on June 10th, promises to revolutionize the user experience for iPhone enthusiasts. In iOS 18, Apple is set to introduce AI-generated custom emojis, enhanced home screen customization, and a range of AI improvements across various applications, promising a more personalized and intelligent user experience. We’ll discuss the top five of these exciting new features below.

1. Custom AI-generated emojis are coming

Now, iPhone users will be able to experience AI features while typing a text. iOS 18 might introduce AI-powered custom emojis, expanding beyond the existing emoji library. Explaining how the feature might work, the report claims custom emojis can be created automatically based on what the user is typing.

For instance, if a user types “Congratulations on your graduation,” the AI might understand the context and suggest a unique emoji featuring a graduation cap and diploma.

2. iOS 18 to allow users to recolor app icons

Apple is going to introduce an exciting new feature that will allow users to change the color of app icons. This customization allows for organizing apps by color, resulting in a more visually organized home screen.

For example, productivity apps could be set to yellow, while entertainment apps might be red. While it’s still uncertain if users will be able to replace icons with custom images fully, the option to recolor icons marks a major advancement in home screen personalization.

3. iOS 18 to offer Google’s Gemini as an “option”

According to trusted journalists, OpenAI will provide chatbot functionality in iOS 18. Meanwhile, the iPhone maker is negotiating with Google to offer Gemini as an “option.”

Apple is also creating its own Ajax AI model for on-device text analysis, smart replies, and summaries. Consequently, ChatGPT and other OpenAI technologies are expected to be used for more demanding tasks such as analyzing longer texts and generating images.

4. AI features may launch in Beta or Preview mode

A recent report from another highly credible analyst suggests that Apple will release AI features in iOS 18 as beta previews, indicating the company’s ongoing efforts in the field without planning to launch finished products.

5. AI improvements for better user experience in iOS 18

In iOS 18, there are several more improvements to make things better. Safari will have better web search, Spotlight search will work even smoother, Siri will feel more natural to talk to, Apple Watch’s Siri will be getting even better, and there’ll be a smarter way to catch up on notifications you’ve missed.

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