iOS 13’s Beta 3 Brings Gaze Correction During FaceTime

Apple iOS 13 Swipe Keyboard Glide Typing

Apple has recently released the public betas of its most recent operating system — iOS 13 — and we now have iOS 13’s Beta 3, bringing in new features.

iOS 13’s Beta 3 has apparently released a new feature which will fix the problem wherein we tend to look properly while on a video call. 

The feature is called FaceTime Attention Correction will involve gaze correction, which will make you appear as if you are looking into the camera when in reality, your eyes are probably checking yourself out during FaceTime.

The feature was discovered by app designer Mike Ruddle and announced via a tweet. Here’s a look at it:

The working of the feature involves advanced image manipulation that ensures that the way a user appears on FaceTime is natural.

iOS 13’s latest beta hints at a new way of transferring data from one iPhone to another — via a wire. As a reminder, currently, iPhone users can backup data to their iCloud or iTunes and get hold of all the data when they switch to a new Apple device.

wire transfer in iOS 13
Image: 9To5Mac

This could soon change as a method of transferring data between two iPhones via a cable could be introduced. However, I am not sure whether or not it is a feasible option and better than the current way of sending data to another iPhone.

We will let you know of more features in iOS 13 beta 3. Until then, stay tuned to Fossbytes.

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