Intel Will No Longer Be Selling Its 6th-Generation Skylake Processors As Newer Models Will Get Launched

ntel Will No Longer Be Selling Its 6th-Generation Skylake Processors
In a ‘not so surprising’ turn of events, Intel has announced that it will be discontinuing its 6th-generation lineup of processors, which were commonly referred to as Skylake. This has been detailed in a ‘Product Change Notification’ that was published this week.

Intel states that its Skylake CPU lineup has entered what the chip manufacturer likes to call the ‘product discontinuance program’. What this means is the company wants to give consumers and retailers a heads-up on its plan to slowly phase out this processor family because there are new ones headed to the market very soon.

The Kaby Lake series of processors were an iterative update of the Skylake lineup and therefore did not present significant performance gains to warrant a purchase. More importantly, AMD had not released its Ryzen and Threadripper competitors to give Intel a warning that it needs to implement a change up of advanced engineering, something that will compel users to upgrade their current platforms.

After the successful release of the Ryzen and Threadripper lineup, Intel finally got the message that AMD is not fooling around, so the leading desktop processor maker took to release its Kaby Lake R refresh, followed by the Coffee Lake processor lineup, which will eventually be replaced by the 10nm Cannonlake series.

OEMs have until December to get their orders in because Intel has warned that any parts being ordered or delivered after mid-March will not be eligible for cancellation or return. Still, this does not mean the company is giving up on Skylake completely because the Skylake-X family will continue to live on.

The Skylake-X comprises up of an 18-core processor called the Core i9-7980XE but costs a mammoth $1,999 in retail value. This does not mean that you should upgrade to a new platform immediately but wait for a couple more years till performance drops start becoming a problem for your everyday computing requirements.

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