Intel Announces 10th Gen Comet Lake U And Comet Lake Y Processors

Intel Comet Lake Processors

Today, Intel has expanded its 10th Gen processor lineup by announcing 8 new Comet Lake processors. These 10th Gen Lake-U and Lake-Y series CPUs are based on the 14nm process and not Ice Lake’s 10nm process technology. With the new processors, Intel has added up to 6 cores in U-series and 4 cores in Y-series.

Besides increased performance and graphics support, Intel’s new processors also bring a new set of features like advanced networking capabilities and optimization with Intel Adaptix Dynamic Tuning Technology.

Intel Comet Lake-U Series

The new U-series chips feature thermal design power (TDP) threshold of 7 watts and 15 watts which can be configured up to 25 watts. With 6-cores and 12 threads, U-lake processors boast of up to 12MB of low-latency cache, support for up to 4 Thunderbolt-3 ports, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, DDR4 2666 memory and max boost frequency up to 4.9GHz.

Intel claims that the new 10th Gen Comet Lake-U CPUs bring 16% overall performance boost.

New processors in the Intel Comet Lake-U series are:

  • Intel Core i7-10710U – 6-cores, 12 threads, 1.1GHz base/4.7GHz boost, and 12MB cache
  • Intel Core i7-10510U – 4-cores, 8 threads, 1.8GHz base/4.9GHz boost, and 8MB cache
  • Intel Core i5 – 10210U – 4-cores, 8 threads, 1.6GHz/4.2GHz boost and 6MB cache
  • Intel Core i3 – 10110U – 2-cores, 4 threads, 2.1GHz base/ 4.1GHz boost, and 4MB cache

Intel Comet Lake processors

Intel Comet Lake-Y Series

Intel’s Comet Lake-Y series is mainly intended for 2-1 Windows laptop as the company has focused more on its portability by providing a fanless cooling solution. The chipmaker company has introduced quad-core processing for the first time in its fanless cooling design.

The most powerful Lake-Y series processor now has up to 4 cores and 8 threads. However, the thermal design power is just 4.5 Watts.

New processors in the Intel Comet Lake-Y series include:

  • Intel Core i7 – 10510Y – 4-cores, 8 threads, 1.2GHz base/4.5GHz boost, and 8MB cache
  • Intel Core i5 – 10310Y – 4-cores, 8 threads, 1.1GHz base/4.1GHz boost, and 6MB cache
  • Intel Core i5 – 10210Y – 4-cores, 8 threads, 1.0GHz base/4.0GHz boost, and 6MB cache
  • Intel Core i3 – 10110Y – 2-cores, 4-threads, 1.0GHz base/ 4.0 GHz boost and 4MB cache

With the addition of new processors, Intel has made its 10th Gen lineup even more confusing. Moreover, launching processors based on 14nm architecture days after introducing 10nm Ice Lake processors doesn’t really make sense.

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