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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story, Post, Or Chat?

Instagram has become a powerful platform in recent times, with almost everyone having a presence on it. As a result, there is no denying the urge to take screenshots or screen record the content one finds fascinating. This is especially true when talking about stories. However, many people question whether Instagram sends a notification when one takes a screenshot.

Do people get notified when you take a screenshot on Instagram?

No, you can get away with taking a screenshot on Instagram as it does not notify users in most cases. However, there are some scenarios in which Instagram will notify the user if someone has taken a screenshot of disappearing photos or videos sent in their DMs (direct message chat).

What if you take a screenshot of a picture you like or someone’s story – does Instagram notify people when you screenshot a post? Let’s delve deeper into the article to find out when does Instagram shows such notifications.

When taking a screenshot of an Instagram Story

The concept of notifying a user if someone has taken a screenshot of their story was first introduced by Snapchat. As a result, Instagram introduced the feature, which gave a notification to a user when a follower took a screenshot of their story. This feature was introduced by Instagram a few years back, but it had a short-lived life, and it hasn’t made a comeback ever since. Meanwhile, it is not safe to assume that this feature can’t be added in future updates.

As of now, Instagram does not send you any notification if a user takes a screenshot of your story.

In case some of you are wondering if the app will give a notification when you screenshot or screen record a user’s Instagram Reel; no, the app will not send any notification for it.

When taking a screenshot of an Instagram chat

If a user takes a screenshot of the text message you sent, the app will not send you a notification. However, there’s more to it as Instagram offers its users two options for messaging within the app.

One of them is the disappearing Direct Message, which gives you three options — whether you wish for them to see the message’s content only once, allow replay, or keep in chat. You can send a disappearing DM by clicking on the camera button in the bottom left of the chat window.

In this specific case, Instagram will notify you if the user takes a screenshot of your disappearing DM.

If screenshotted, a starburst icon will appear

The other one is the regular DM that you send to a user either in a text format, a picture, or a video. If another user takes a screenshot of either one, unfortunately, the app will not notify you.

When taking a screenshot of an Instagram post or profile

Talking about engaging content posted on Instagram by numerous users, it is irresistible not to take screenshots of the pictures a user wishes to see later without fussing about opening the app again. There might be the case that a user wants to take a screenshot of your profile to save the contact information and avoid any inconvenience of looking for it again.

In all the scenarios mentioned, the app will not notify you if a user takes a screenshot of your post, irrespective of it being a picture, a video, or a profile.

Do Not Trust Third-party apps claiming to notify you of screenshots

Instagram has placed solid restrictions in place to keep user information safe. For that reason, Instagram API for privacy and security restricts any third-party app from revealing if someone has taken a screenshot.

Any third-party app, which claims to provide notifications in case of screenshots is a hoax. You must never give out sensitive information like your username and password to any app that makes such claims.

Most of these apps are either heavily outdated or are straight-up scams. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up infecting your account or your device with a malicious app filled with viruses and malware.

To sum it up, Instagram doesn’t give notifications if someone screenshots your post, profile, or regular DM. However, if someone takes a screenshot of the disappearing DM, Instagram will notify you.

FAQs –

Does Instagram send notifications for user profile screenshots?

No, Instagram does not send any notifications for user profile screenshots.

Should I install 3rd-party apps that claim to notify me of Instagram screenshots?

No third-party app can notify you if a screenshot has been taken. Most of these apps are scams or outdated as Instagram API prevents them from doing so.

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