Inspired by Cybertruck, This iPhone 11 Pro Will Cost You $15,000


Nowadays, smartphones are more of a rounded rectangle after Apple ended the era of the QWERTY and slider phones. As of now, the smartphone companies are looking for options to bend the OLED screen and make foldable devices.

However, a Russian firm named Caviar has emerged with a totally different iPhone inspired by Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla Cybertruck is one of the unique concepts introduced in the automobile industry.

Caviar’s Cybertruck-inspired iPhone, or the Cyberphone, is nothing but a customized version of the iPhone 11 Pro. Caviar has previously established its name as a brand that showcases the best modified and customized versions of smartphones from Samsung, Apple, etc.

Back in 2017, the company made our jaws drop when it released the Nokia 3310 Putin Edition, priced almost 30 times the original device.

The Cyberphone is available for $15,860, as mentioned on the official website of Caviar. The device has titanium casing and comes with a folding cover that protects the screen of the phone and works as a stand.

Except for the looks, the phone is regular iPhone 11 Pro as it features the same triple rear camera set-up and has a 5.8-inch screen. The Cyberphone also runs on the A13 Bionic processor. It comes with a premium leather case that has Caviar’s branding. However, there is a bigger variant as well, which is basically a modified iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The price tag of this custom iPhone 11 is thousands of dollars less than the price of a Tesla Cybertruck, but as compared to the current iPhones, the Cyberphone is much more expensive.

Caviar will manufacture only 100 of them. As per the data on the official website, only 23 units of the Cyberphone are left now. So, hurry if you want this piece of tech in your hands.

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