Indian Boy Drinks Chemical Instead Of Water While Playing PUBG; Dies

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Another unfortunate incident in India involving the popular battle royal game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has occurred. A 20-year-old boy died after consuming chemical instead of water while playing PUBG on his mobile phone.

The police report says that the boy identified as Saurabh Yadav, a parking lot attendant by profession, was traveling to Agra via train when the incident occurred.

How did the incident occur?

According to Hindustan Times, the boy was with a friend who deals in jewelry and kept chemicals in his bag for cleaning and polishing the ornaments.

Agra Cantonment’s Government Railway Police (GRP) reports that both friends were carrying identical bags. Yadav was so focused on his smartphone, playing PUBG, that he accidentally pulled the chemical bottle from his friend’s bag instead of water from his bag.

Yadav started feeling uneasy after drinking the chemical and collapsed a few minutes later. Later, the police sent the deceased for post-mortem.

PUBG addiction takes lives

This is not the first time PUBG mobile addiction has taken the life of a boy. Back in May, a 16-year-old teen in Madhya Pradesh died of cardiac arrest after playing PUBG for a straight six hours. The teen reportedly suffered cardiac arrest after losing a match.

In another PUBG-related incident in September, a 19-year-old boy from Hyderabad suffered a brain stroke after playing PUBG.

To curb excessive PUBG mobile gaming, Tencent started testing a six-hour daily limit back in March. However, there hasn’t been enough progress so far. Meanwhile, PUBG addiction-related deaths are becoming more common by the day.

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