Indian Student Suffers Brain Stroke After Alleged PUBG Addiction

PUBG Addiction Student ICU Hyderabad
Image: PUBG

A 19-Year-old student in Hyderabad, India, was admitted to the ICU last week after he suffered a brain stroke. He complained that he was unable to move his right leg and right arm.

This brings to light yet another case of health problems caused by excessive gaming. It’s alleged that the boy was excessively addicted to the first-person shooter game PUBG, which is already very popular among people of different age groups.

Doctors, who examined him, told TOI that the boy developed a medical condition which is usually diagnosed in patients way above his age. He had multiple blood clots in his brain which caused his limbs to function improperly, causing a stroke.

He was living a sedentary lifestyle and played PUBG for around 8 to 10 hours a day without properly eating food and keeping himself hydrated, according to the hospital. Because of his illness, he even lost 3-4 kgs of weight in the last month. After making a considerable recovery, the teen was discharged from the hospital on Saturday.

This isn’t the first time when the game PUBG has been linked to health issues. Back in May, a 16-year-old boy died of cardiac arrest after playing the said game for a straight six hours.

But it isn’t just about PUBG, the problem is bigger and applies to game and smartphone addiction in general. India is becoming the new epicenter of the technology sector as more and more people are getting access to cheap devices. It should be well in time that we make people aware of the health problems caused due to excessive use of technology.

Source: TOI via The News Minute

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