Indian Hackers Attack Pakistan Government and Defense Websites


indian-internet-usersShort Bytes: In the past, Pakistani and India cyber hackers have been targeting each other by hacking different government websites. In the latest development, India-based hacking agencies have defaced some government and defense websites of Pakistan.

In the recent hacking attacks by the India-based hacking agencies, some government and defense websites of Pakistan have been attacked. The two hacking groups named VVV and Shakti Campaign carried out these attacks, according to an international cybersecurity expert.

These attacks include one on the Pakistan’s defense website and the reports indicate that the attacks were in the form of spear fishing. It should be noted that the hacker group Shakti was shut down in 2010 and it became operational again last year.

Shakti and VVV operate via different means and tactics – VVV sends links to interesting mobile applications, while Shakti usually sends news articles with provocative headlines to the target.

“We have done research into these attacks and it was found that in some cases the websites of some news agencies were spoofed to attract clicks,” said Kurt Baumgartner, principal security researcher at the Kaspersky Lab.


Kurt says that the nations that were attacked have complained to India. The principle cause of this attack appears to steal information, according to the experts. It should be noted that India has become more aggressive in the cyberspace since last year.

“Like recently they defaced a government website of Chhattisgarh government, only to realise that four Pakistani websites hoisted Indian flags,” a person with the knowledge of the incident told ET.

In the past, Pakistani and India cyber hackers have been targeting each other by hacking different websites, and this appears to be just another addition to the same.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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