This Website Claims To Have The List Of Every Torrent You Have Downloaded In Your Life


Short Bytes: If you’re a regular torrent downloader, you should know that your torrent download history is publically available on the website called “I Know What You Download.” Just type your IP address to see the list. For movie and TV show pirates, it’s nothing short of a nightmare. 

(Note: If you’re having dynamic IP-addresses or VPN, this service may also show torrents downloads of others)

Many people use torrent websites to download pirated and non-pirated content. It isn’t an unknown fact that it’s not much difficult to track anyone’s activities on the torrent network. And, to your ultimate happiness, this website called ‘I Know What You Download‘ actually tracks and saves the torrents people download in their everyday lives.

If you deleted the download history from you the torrent client, you could cross-check the names on ‘I Know What You Download.’ All you need to do is enter your IP address on the website and click Find IP.

In a matter of a few seconds, all of the downloads and the torrents you have distributed from your IP address will be displayed on your screen. Along with the date and time of the download, the list also includes the title and size of the torrent.

Track Your Friends and Family

The treat doesn’t end here. The torrent tracking website also allows you to view the torrent download history of other people (IP addresses) Nx spy on them. On the website, click Track Downloads button at the top and follow the procedure.

It may not be a one-stop solution

Now, before you start thinking that all your torrent history is publically available, you will be relieved to know that the website doesn’t have any powerful AI working backstage. The catch in the story is that the website tracks torrent downloads for an IP address, it’s hard to know the device type.

If you’re on a connection with a dynamic IP, it’s hardly possible that all your torrent downloads will be displayed for one IP address. This is because a new IP will be assigned every time you connect to the internet. It is mostly the case with cellular networks.

Check out your torrents on I Know What You Download.

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