Huawei’s Android Alternative OS Will Arrive This Fall, Says CEO

Huawei OS next fall
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The brewing trade war between the US and China has resulted in Google revoking Huawei’s Android license and barring it from using popular Google services such as the Play Store and Google apps.

A recent report by Reuters suggests that the restrictions have been softened and a temporary license has been provided to Huawei to ensure that existing users do not face any issues.

Amidst the entire fiasco, it is all but clear that Huawei needs an Android alternative and it is also known that the company has been working on its proprietary OS for a long time.

Now that the situation has worsened and the worst is knocking on the door, Huawei’s consumer business CEO has said that the company’s “OS designed for the next generation of technology” will be available by fall this year or by next spring.

According to information shared by CEO Richard Yu in a private WeChat group, Huawei’s own mobile OS will be compatible with all Android applications and web applications.

As per a Chinese website, Yu said, “If the Android app is recompiled, the running performance is improved by more than 60% on this operating system, which is a future-oriented microkernel.”

Even if Huawei manages to build its own OS will it be able to convince users to drop Android and adopt it?

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