How to Use Anti-Detect Browsers for Side Jobs and Full-Time Online Business?

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The internet is full of ways to generate passive income or run a full-time online business. However, many methods come with specific rules and restrictions. While there are many ways to ensure anonymity, such as VPNs, VPS, or browser incognito mode, they do not provide the same high level of security as anti-detect browsers.

How Do Anti-Detect Browsers Work? 

The main difference between common anonymity tools like VPNs and anti-detect browsers is digital fingerprint spoofing. Every time you visit a website, it collects data about the device you use to access it. Websites collect information such as operating systems, installed languages and browser extensions, GPUs, RAM size, screen resolution, and more. You can’t change all your browser and device settings even if you change your location. Therefore, if a website wants to ban or restrict you for any reason, it will be able to do so regardless of whether you use a VPN.

Anti-detect browsers like Octo Browser allow you to spoof your operating system, geolocation, hardware configuration, and other parameters. Every time you visit a website, an anti-detect browser sends the website altered information about your device instead of the real one, significantly complicating user identification.

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Parameters that make up a digital fingerprint 

How to Use an Anti-Detect Browser to Make Money Online? 

Spoofed digital fingerprints open the door of multi-accounting, a solid tool for making a bit of extra money online or running a full-time business. Let’s break down some simple ways of generating additional revenue using an anti-detect browser. 

Create Multiple Social Media Accounts 

If you’re an affiliate marketer, freelance social media manager, or blogger, running multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Google is vital. More accounts help you reach a broader audience and advertise your brands or products. However, most social media platforms have strict rules against multi-accounting. They use advanced algorithms to track user activities. For example, logging into different accounts from one device multiple times can lead to a permanent ban of all accounts on the platform. Platforms claim these rules keep their spaces safe, but it can be frustrating for those managing several accounts or online businesses. Bans cost them money.

Anti-detect browsers solve this problem by creating virtual profiles with unique digital fingerprints for each account. This way, you can create and manage an unlimited number of accounts from one device. This helps separate personal and business accounts, avoid bans, and ensure smooth operation of social media activities.

You can also use an anti-detect browser to boost your personal social media channels like TikTok, Twitch, Discord, etc. Here are a few examples of how you can use a multi-accounting browser on TikTok: 

  • Live streams: Anti-detect browsers can spoof your digital fingerprint and videos. You can stream on TikTok using pre-recorded videos. Even with no followers, streams can attract 100-200 viewers.
  • Mutual likes: Popular posts get recommended by TikTok algorithms. Use a multi-accounting browser to create multiple profiles and increase activity on your accounts.
  • Commenting on trending Videos: Trending videos appear in most users’ feeds, so the more comments you post, the more likely you are to be noticed by a large audience. 

Farm Airdrops and Bounties   

Running additional social media accounts helps with cryptocurrency farming. Cryptocurrencies are spread online through bounties and airdrops.

Bounty programs reward people with tokens for completing simple tasks or promoting a project on social media: it’s like a job where you get paid in tokens or coins instead of money.

These tasks can include anything: promoting a project on social media, writing articles, finding bugs in software, creating visual content, or even translating documents. The idea is to get the community involved in different ways to support the project’s growth and development. It’s also a way for people who believe in a project to earn some tokens or coins by contributing their time and skills.

Airdrop is like winning a surprise giveaway online, when you suddenly find some new digital currency in your account.

Companies and projects do this to get people interested in their cryptocurrency. Sometimes they give out these tokens to anyone who already owns a certain cryptocurrency, or they might ask you to do something simple like following them on social media. It’s their way of spreading the word about their project and getting more people involved.

So, if you ever hear about an airdrop, it’s great news because it means you’re getting some free cryptocurrency just for being part of the community or meeting a simple requirement!

Check official project websites, social media channels, and  specialized platforms to stay updated on bounties and airdrops. Choose projects that interest you, create several accounts using an anti-detect browser, and start farming tokens without limits.

octo browser airdrop

You can find the latest updates about airdrops and bounties on websites like

Dropshipping & E-commerce 

E-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay discourage multi-accounting. While having multiple accounts is technically legal, there are many restrictions and obstacles to getting Amazon’s green light to run them. Even if you operate multiple accounts legally, you still risk losing them all at once. Algorithms malfunctioning or negative review spamming are the main two reasons for bans even if you don’t violate platfrom’s policy. 

If one of your accounts gets banned, you lose all seller accounts connected to it. Moreover, Amazon will ban your email and IP addresses, company name and address, hardware, and user agent. In this case, you won’t be able to create new accounts using your banned device. 

A safer e-commerce multi-accounting strategy is registering separate accounts using an anti-detect browser. With its help, you can create unlimited accounts and configure a unique digital fingerprint for each one. In this case, your virtual profiles will appear to Amazon as different individuals. Once you create  your profiles, you can safely run them simultaneously using the same device. 

Avoid Price Discrimination 

Price discrimination occurs when sellers set different prices for the same product or service for different people. The first industries to adopt pricing discrimination were airlines and hotels. With the rise of the Internet and the evolution of tracking tools, it has become much more common. For example, you may see different prices for tickets based on your search and booking history. If you fly often, airlines might assume you are willing to pay more and show you a higher price. 

Online sellers also gather a lot of information about you. This may include your age, location, purchase history, the devices you use, and how you behave on their websites. Based on the collected data, companies show different prices to different people. For example, if you live in a big city, the prices you see might be higher than for people from smaller towns. Price discrimination may seem unfair, but it’s a way for businesses to make more money. 

Netflix pricing is an excellent example of price and content discrimination based on users’ geolocation. The most expensive subscription plan is in Switzerland at $21.48, while the lowest is $2.82 in Pakistan. 

octo browser countries


Avoid Geo Blocking to Get Access to Exclusive Job Offers 

Besides price discrimination, you may encounter geo-blocking. In some cases, you can use a VPN to avoid geo-blocking. Streaming services don’t have advanced detection tools, so you can easily see the blocked content with a VPN. However, this workaround will not work when bypassing more complicated algorithms. 

For example, suppose you want to work on Upwork, but your region restricts access to specific jobs or projects. Simply hiding your location isn’t enough because Upwork can detect inconsistencies in your digital fingerprint. In this case, you would need an anti-detect browser and a proxy. By configuring an anti-detect browser and using an American or European proxy, you can access more job listings and increase your chances of successful employment. Additionally, you can create extra profiles on these platforms to improve your chances of finding work without risking being banned.

Paid Online Surveys 

Paid surveys are a way for companies to get opinions about their products and services. When you join a survey, you answer questions honestly. In return, you might be rewarded with cash, gift cards, or points. These surveys can be about anything from your shopping habits to your thoughts on new products. 

Here’s how it works: companies create surveys and ask people to participate through survey websites like Swagbuck, Survey Junkie, and others. Once you’re in, you answer the questions they ask you. Brands and companies use your responses to understand what consumers like and don’t like.

Paid surveys won’t make you too rich because the amount of cash or rewards depends on the number of surveys you complete. However, with the help of an anti-detect browser you can maximize profits by multi-accounting. 

Survey platforms often have limits on the number of surveys a participant can complete per day or per certain time period. Moreover, they may limit the number of available surveys based on the user’s geographic location. Anti-detect browsers help create an unlimited number of browser profiles with unique digital fingerprints, thus avoiding geo and quantitative restrictions. In addition, running multiple accounts from a single device won’t raise any suspicions from anti-bot systems. 

How to Create Virtual Profiles in Anti-Detect Browser 

Let’s see how to create separate virtual profiles in Octo Browser.

  1. Sign up and download the browser version you need.
    octo browser download

  2.  Log into browser > Profiles > Create Profile.

    octo browser profile
  3. Provide a name > add a tag > set a starting page for the profile > Create Profile. You can randomize the parameters of your digital fingerprint by clicking Randomize.

    octo browser basic settings

    You can also select the OS, screen resolution, fonts, geolocation, and other parameters manually. Timezone and geolocation should be consistent.
  4. Click Start and you’re all set for multi-accounting and anonymous browsing.

    octo browser profiles websites
  5. Repeat the same steps to create as many profiles as you need. Each profile runs in its own window and has a unique fingerprint. It complicates their identification by the platforms and protects you from possible bans. 

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