Tracking USPS International Package: Easy Guide

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The United States Postal Service, or USPS, is one of the most reliable agencies in the global scheme of things. It sends 3.3+ million lbs of international packages every week, and if you’re reading this, yours is probably among them. A USA Post Tracker helps to determine where exactly your USPS international package is, whenever it was sent to you or by you. 

Tracking USPS Package by Number 

  1. Open the tracker on
  2. Look for your package tracking number. It can be found in one of these places:
    • E-mail confirmation from
    • Shipment message/E-mail from your seller;
    • Shipping receipt from the post office.
    • The peel-off fragment of the USPS tracking label.
  3. Type the international tracking number into the tracker’s search bar and click the “Geotag & Package” icon. 
  4. Wait until the system acquires the results. It usually takes a couple of seconds. 
  5. The results will specify: 
    • Your package’s current status;
    • Shipping address;
    • The delivery service handling your package;
    • Delivery address;  
    • Weight of the package;
    • The number of days en route (on the road)
  6. You can also click on “Update status” to see if the information has changed. 
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What If I Can’t Track My USPS International Package? 

So, you typed down or ctrl+pasted your tracking number and got no results. This can be caused by: 

  • Invalid number. Check it again,  making sure you used the entire combo of digits AND letters. 
  • Punctuation marks in your request. USPS tracking numbers don’t have any, ever. Don’t use them. 

Let’s say a seller sends you a package and messages a USPS number with a “_” in the middle. What you should do is: A. type it down into the tracker bar without that underscore, and B. ask the seller for the correct one (just to be safe).

  • The USPS system not updating the information yet. It’s common for newly shipped packages. 

The “Information has not been received yet,” or “Not found” statuses take hours, sometimes even several days, to update. Keep calm and embrace patience: USPS know what they are doing. 

  • No E-DELCON in the country of delivery. Electronic Delivery Confirmation Program is the system USPS utilizes to keep track of First-Class Package International packages. Alas, some countries don’t participate in E-DELCON, so when USPS packages arrive in their territory, the system stops tracking them. 

Note that it absolutely doesn’t mean your package is lost or messed up. Try to check the online tracking systems of the national post operator in the country of delivery. (Also, the list of the non-participants sometimes changes, so make sure the country of interest has joined/left E-DELCON before sending an international package with USPS.) 

What Does USPS Tracking Number Look Like? 

The rules here depend on the USPS product (aka the package type.) When it comes to shipping to foreign countries, one of the following products is used: 

  • Global Express Guaranteed. The tracking number looks like 82 xxx xxx xx
  • Priority Mail Express International. The tracking number looks like EC xxx xxx xxx US
  • Priority Mail International. The tracking number looks like CP xxx xxx xxx US

Do you use USPS often? Are you satisfied with how the agency handles international packages? Share your thoughts!

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