How To Spoof In Pokemon Go on iPhone and Android

AnyGO by iToolabs review

Spoofing is a pretty widespread phenomenon in the Pokemon GO community. For those unaware, it’s a way to trick the game into believing you’re playing from a different region when in reality, you’re playing the game from the comfort of your couch. One of the main reasons people spoof in Pokemon GO is the lack of Gyms, Pokestops, and game content if they’re based in rural areas. For other players, spoofing is a way of capturing high-IV Pokemon to show off their collection.

There are a few ways to spoof in Pokemon GO — Some involve using an emulator, while others require rooting your Android phone. However, there’s risk involved in all the methods, which may result in Niantic banning your Pokemon GO account. In this guide, let’s look at iToolab AnyGo, a spoofing software that lets you play the game without the risk of a ban, and you don’t need to root your device or jailbreak your iPhone.

How to spoof in Pokemon GO using AnyGo

1. Download iToolab AnyGo – iOS Location Spoofer from the official website. The app is available for both Windows and macOS.

2. Once downloaded, install and launch the app to get started.

3. Select the type of device you want to spoof on — Android or iOS.

Select your device android or ios

4. For Android users, enable Developer options and USB debugging. Then connect your Android device to your computer and allow USB debugging.

android enable usb debugging and develioper mode

5. iPhone users must enable Developer Mode by going to Settings > Privacy and Security > Developer Mode.

6. Once enabled, you’ll be prompted to restart your iPhone. After that, enter your passcode to turn on Developer Mode.

How to Teleport to any Location using iToolab AnyGo

1. Launch the iToolab AnyGo app on Windows or Mac.

2. Connect your Android/iOS device to the computer, and in the iToolab AnyGo window, you can see your current location on the map. If the location is inaccurate, click the “Center On” icon to recalibrate.

enter the location in AnyGo

3. To start spoofing, click the Teleport icon in the upper-right corner and enter the location you want to teleport to. Finally, click search.

teleported successfully to a new location

4. You’ll then be teleported to the desired location, simulate movements along a specified route, along multiple spots, and jump to custom destinations both manually and automatically.

5. Like most spoofing apps, you can use the Joystick to move your character in Pokemon GO.

As an easy-to-use tool, AnyGo hosts many functions to enhance users’ experience. You can not only use different teleport modes to change your location, but also use a joystick to control GPS movements automatically, which can save you a lot of effort. One of the best features of AnyGo is the ability to import GPX files to auto-walk. For starters, GPX files contain preloaded routes you can frequently use to walk through the same paths and set them on a loop. This will help you capture more Pokemon by traversing through the exact location where you think lie most of the rare Pokemon nest.

If you need a more comprehensive guide regarding how to use GPX files, watch this video.

How to Evade Bans in Pokemon Go?

While AnyGo is much less risky than the usual methods, it’s not 100% safe. It is important to know the ways to avoid a Pokemon GO ban while using the tool, and we’ve got you covered.

1. Change the location with the tool first and then launch the game.

2. Don’t jump long distances too frequently, and allow the location cooldown to end. AnyGo comes with a cooldown timer that can be used to avoid bans.

3. Set a real and natural speed. Select the Realistic Mode option in AnyGO to simulate real walking and a natural variable speed.


iToolab AnyGo is the ultimate pokemon go spoofer if you want to spoof in Pokemon GO. It’s caked with important features that enhance your spoofing experience and helps you capture perfect IV Pokemon with ease. That said, it’s not 100% safe and must be used with caution, after reading the aforementioned steps.

What are your thoughts on the iToolab AnyGo software? Let us know in the comments section below.

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