How To Add Animated GIF As Your Android Home Button?


One of the reasons why Android flourished so quickly is the customizability it offers. Given that one has the required expertise, desired changes can be made to Android inside out.

We have already seen tons of third-party ROMs, custom recoveries, etc., offering different kinds of user experiences and features. However, one thing has remained mostly unchanged, be it in Google’s official updates or custom ROMs, the home button.

Over the years the Android home button has gone digital from physical. A major change is about to arrive with Android P, but that also focuses on functionality.

But how about visual changes to the home button, like transforming it into a GIF? Yes, you can do it now. Thanks to this helpful mod and tutorial by XDA-recognized Themer Ticklefish.

The process of turning your navigation bar including home button starts from rooting your device. After that, you can follow the steps mentioned in this somewhat geeky tutorial.

What is required is you need to decompile your “SystemUI.apk” file, add the images and do some changes, then recompile it and you’re done.

Image: Tulsadiver

The mod should work with almost every version of Android. Ticklefish said, due to its gestures, the case Android P’s home button is different and he’ll focus on it will be some other time.

Ticklefish has also provided a set of GIFs that you can add as your Android home button, including the Indian flag, Ryu from Street Fighter, Tabby cat, etc. You can create and add your own animations as well.


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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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