How Linux Is Built — How Does It Affect Your Daily Lives?

how linux is built
how linux is built

how linux is built

Short Bytes: Linux secretly plays one of the biggest parts in our technology-filled lives by running our phones, computers, websites, ATMs, power plants, routers etc. But, who builds Linux and how its development is managed? In a short video, the Linux Foundation attempts to explain the same.

The Linux collaborative project was started by Linus Torvalds long back in 1991. While he didn’t intend to develop it as an open source project, with time, the project gained popularity and eventually became one of the world’s largest collaborative projects.

Today, Linux is used everywhere around us. Linux acts as a foundation of our digital life that’s governed by search engines like Google, Android smartphones, social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, ATMs, and a lot more.

You might also be knowing that Linux is the king of supercomputers and it powers the majority of them. If you are interested in knowing more interesting Linux facts, here’s something for you.

Yes, I want To Learn Linux Now

Recently, I came across an old video by the Linux Foundation that attempts to explain how Linux is developed and how people are working together on this open source project.

This short and informative video takes you inside the process by which Linux development is organized.

Here’s the video prepared by the Linux Foundation, take a look:

World’s tiniest Linux computer VoCore is here. Take a look!

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