Linux Founder Linus Torvalds: “I Don’t Really Love Other People. I Love Computers”


linus torvalds ted talk 2016Short Bytes: Do you know that the development of Linux was never started with the intention of making it an open source kernel? At the recent TED conference in Vancouver, Linus Torvalds revealed more interesting facts about his life and working style.

Linux kernel is the world’s biggest open source collaborative project. This would automatically trick your brain into thinking that the person behind the kernel would be someone who loves working with fellow programmers.

Well, proving you wrong, Linux founder, Linus Torvalds, admitted that he originally didn’t intend to make Linux open-source and began working on it as a solitary project. This happened at the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conference in Vancouver.

“It wasn’t open source,” he said. “It was source that was open. There was no intention.”

“I’m actually not a people person. I don’t really love other people. I love computers,” the legendary software engineer Linus Torvalds said in an interview with Chris Anderson at the TED conference.

He accepted the fact that with time he has learned that having different people on a project is very important.

However, it shouldn’t be much shocking as Linus is known for his outspoken behaviour and occasional rants. In the interview, he was very open and revealed that he loves to work at home in an office.


“It is the most boring office you’ll ever see,” he said. “I often work in my bathrobe, and I have to have complete silence.”

When asked about his future plans or projects, he said he doesn’t have one. He said, “I don’t have an agenda” and he’s still happy working on Linux.

“I am not a visionary. I’m an engineer. I’m happy with the people who are wandering around looking at the stars but I am looking at the ground and I want to fix the pothole before I fall in.”

Another fact we came to know at the talk: Linus Torvalds considers Thomas Alva Edison greater than Nikola Tesla. Sorry, Larry Page and Elon Musk!

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