Here’s How Hackers Might Have Deleted Despacito Video From YouTube


Despacito is a song that just won’t go away. After becoming the world’s most viewed video on YouTube, it made headlines again by becoming a target of some notorious forces. Other than Despacito, The unknown hackers managed to play with lots of VEVO videos on YouTube.

However, the attack was curbed promptly and the videos were soon restored on Google’s video hosting service. But, how did the attack take place? Did someone infiltrate YouTube’s servers?

In a statement provided to Wired, YouTube gave some answers. The company said that its own platform wasn’t breached, that’s why only the content shared by VEVO was affected. For those who don’t know, YouTube shares a music video distribution partnership with VEVO.

YouTube said that after spotting an unusual activity on VEVO channels, it disabled their access. It should also be noted that attackers were able to breach more than one VEVO YouTube accounts, instead of targeting the whole platform.

At the moment, both the companies are performing investigations on their end. While we don’t have a confirmation on how the hackers might have accessed the accounts, phishing seems like the perfect method.

There are ways to hack an account even if the two-factor authentication system is configured. In the past, we’ve told you about the new and shocking ways to steal text messages from phones.

As Wired points out, there are chances that a two-factor authentication might not have been in place at all; as corporate accounts are shared by more than one people, often they ditch extra layer of security for their convenience.

It’s also worth noting again that YouTube’s servers weren’t compromised. If that was the case, the attackers would have had a bigger piece of pie on their table.

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