How Makes Private and Disappearing Chatrooms in 5 Seconds

hack chat private chat
hack chat private chat


There is no dearth of instant messaging applications these days and people are addicted to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SnapChat, IM on Twitter, Hangouts and other apps for communicating to each other every moment. Recently, Facebook announced that now you don’t even need a Facebook account to use Messenger. But if you want to create your own DOS style chatroom right from your web browser that destroys itself when chat’s over, is the just the right thing for you.

When you use, there’s nothing to worry about privacy breach or sign-ins. Creating a chat room is dead simple and it could be disposed at any point after the completion of chat. I call it disposable as it doesn’t keep record of all unappropriated and private message you’ve ever sent.

How to create instant disposable chatrooms with

Creating a private chatroom in is dead simple. All you need to do is go to the website URL and add a ? and the name of your chatroom. This would make the URL looks like this: and make a personal chat room with name “random-channel.”

After creating that URL, you can send this to anyone and start chatting in moments. Because the channel you created is private and its name or information isn’t stored anywhere, no random person can appear in your

hack-chat-private-chat has also provided some pre-existing channels to try out. Just head to the home page, click on any of them and add your name to start.

Its creator Andrew Belt promises the servers never store any data and chats. So, if privacy is your concern, give it a quick try. Share this article with your friends and chat privately using

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