Apple Watch Users Complain: “Apple Watch is Burning Our Skin”

apple watch burning skin
apple watch burning skin

Earlier this April, Apple Watch was launched with great pomp and show, but the company has failed to maintain that buzz after the launch. The company had received one million pre-orders and now when people have got their Apple Watches, they are complaining about irritation and burns. It should be noted that  Apple Watch that has some issue with tattoos too.

The Internet and Twitter is flooded with pictures of Apple Watch owners complaining about irritation from their watches. People have reported that while wearing the watch, they are feeling sensation on their wrists that result in bubbling blisters. The Apple watch reportedly becomes too hot to touch sometimes.

One such user, Paula Cerutti told Fusion that she posted the picture and wrote that Apple hasn’t been very helpful when the matter was reported to the tech giant.

This isn’t just a single case. Other peoples have taken the Twitter route to share their pictures. Apple has reportedly declined to comment on the issue and the actual reason behind these rashes and burning hasn’t been revealed. It could be due to the watch itself or its strap.

Watch the pictures below:

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