Watch: GTA 5 Airplane Controlled By Stream Viewers On Twitch Chat

GTA 5 Airplane Controlled By Stream Viewers On Twitch Chat

A Twitch streamer who goes by the name DougDoug is known for engaging with his viewers in a quirky way. Basically, he writes a code that allows participants on his Twitch chat to have full control over the game via input commands.

Recently, DougDoug allowed his stream viewers to control the GTA 5 airplane completely through Twitch chat. So, it wasn’t him who was flying the plane across Los Santos; instead, it was his hundreds of viewers. Amazing, right?

Can Twitch Chat Fly The GTA 5 Airplane Without Crashing it?

Thanks to the “Cloud Source Flying,” every person on Twitch chat was able to participate in flying the GTA 5 airplane. Now, how exactly does that work?

Well, if multiple people in Twitch chat type “Drive,” then the plane starts picking up the pace. Similarly, they have to give commands like “look up,” “look down,” “look left,” “look right,” and “stop” to fly the airplane without crashing it.

DougDoug wanted the participants to keep the airplane in the air for at least 30 seconds and then land it without killing Michael.

However, when multiple people control the GTA 5 airplane through chat, then things don’t go as smoothly as you’d think.

There wasn’t any coordination between the participants in Twitch chat, so the plane crashed a lot, and I mean a lot of times. However, our friend DougDoug stays strong and even crafts a strategy to form at least some coordination among participants.

DougDoug divides his Twitch chat into three groups, and each group had to control only certain aspects of flying the airplane.

For instance, the first group was tasked to give the “Lookup/down” command to the airplane. Whereas the second and the third group had to provide “look left/right” and “stop/reverse” commands, respectively. 

This whole setup was pretty smart and extremely entertaining. Also, after crashing the plane maybe hundreds of times; the Twitch chat participants finally achieved their goal. They landed the plane safely after flying it for more than 30 seconds.

However, DougDoug’s happiness was short-lived. Because the other stream viewers on his Twitch chat somehow managed to blast the plane, even after landing it safely.

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