Google Wants To Be Your Best Friend By Writing Your Next Facebook Status

google facebook together war
google facebook together war

google facebook together war Short Bytes: While Google has struggled to popularize its own social network Google+, it’s working to make your life easier on other social networks. The company has patented a new system that will connect your email account and social network to suggest relevant post suggestions on the fly.

Writing great social media posts to get tons of likes and shares is an art. It includes looking for latest trends and analyzing the user behavior to craft the best possible lines and post a perfect picture.

To help you in this process, Google wants to become your new best friend by writing your next Facebook status. This has been revealed in a new patent that was awarded to the company yesterday.

In this patent, Google has highlighted a new system named “Encouraging Conversation In A Social Network” to present suggestions for sharing links and posts by reading your email. For example – if your receive an email from a friend about a new song, after clicking the link Google would open a tiny pop up that will suggest ways to share the same on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

In case your receive an email about the confirmation of your Saturday night movie ticket, it’s possible that on Sunday morning, Google will suggest you some possible status updates related to the movie.

How will Google write your next post on a social network?

The patent documents reveal that it’s a method to recommend social activity data to the user. There is a set of instructions that determine the topics associated with the message; determine knowledge data; determine social activity data of a user; and determine graphical interface data for displaying the social activity data associated with the message.

google facebook together war

In simpler words, the system studies the data in the message and the social behavior of the user to provide a relevant post suggestion with right hashtags. The document mentions that a social conversation can also be started by determining one or more users connected with the first user of email.

The patent gives the users a choice to select the number of people — entire social network, a selected group of friends, a particular person — and share the relevant links with them.

If integrated with multiple social networks, this feature can help the people to post messages on the go. However, there isn’t any confirmed news that Google will soon integrate this social activity feature into emails anytime soon.

Are you going to trust Google to write your status updates on your social network? Share your views in the comments below.

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