Google Opens Bay View Campus: Here’s Everything You Should Know About It

Google Opens Bay View Campus: Here's Everything You Should Know About It
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Announced back in 2017 Google is finally opening its long-awaited Bay View campus. This all-electric facility is the first to be fully developed and built by Google. Google is opening its newest campus in Mountain View, California this week.

This brand new Bay View campus is aimed at enticing workers back into the office. Executives say they aim to make it a place where employees in the company’s advertising division feel more comfortable. They said the goal is to keep employees at ease for many years to come.

What is the “Bay View” campus about?

Google Opens Bay View Campus: Here's Everything You Should Know About It
image credit: google

The facility is named “Bay view” and is located 42 acres adjacent to NASA’s Ames research center in mountain view. It consists of two office buildings and 20 acres of open space. It will house 4,000 employees who are working on Google’s ad products led by VP of ads Jerry Dischler.

As Google is predominantly an ads company and makes a lot of its revenue from ads. It is completely understood why the company would go far and beyond for the comfort of its employees. According to a report from CNBC, this is the first google campus they made from the ground up as all previous ones were just modified by them.

What does the campus contain?

Firstly, this behemoth of campus contains buildings of a total of 1.1 million square feet. Which includes a 1000-person event center and 240 short-term accommodations (hotel units) for the employees in town.

The two main buildings give an appearance of a pavilion roofed sails from the top. They have pattern-like structures on them and hence are called “dragon scales”. They have been designed this way on purpose. These dragon scales are a network of around 90000 solar panels which are used to run many of the campus’s amenities.

The facility is quite advanced and future-proof. According to Google, this particular design gives the roof minimal damage from natural causes like wind, rain, and snow. The additional curves in the roof help in better solar capture hence generating more energy.

Google says the campus is eco-friendly!

Although, The roof is no doubt a noticeable environmental feature, according to Google, the site includes other green features too. There’s a ventilation system in place that completely uses the outside air, building materials are eco-friendly, and the campus has an all-electric design.

More importantly, Google also mentions how water needs for cooling have been reduced by 90 percent. Also claiming the power used by the campus will be carbon-free most of the time.

Google is keenly focused on flexibility as many of its employees are returning after two years of remote work during the pandemic. Keeping this in mind they also added many other features. They designed the place to make workers feel like they are outdoors with natural light and high, perforated ceilings.

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