Google ‘Leaks’ Secret Plans of a Time-traveling Car on Back to The Future Day

project flux google car
project flux google car

project-flux-google-carShort Bytes: Celebrating the Back to the Future day, Google has joined the party by tweeting a link to its “secret” time-traveling car project Project Flux. Know everything about it here.

Joining the Back to the Future day celebrations, Google has decided to have a little fun. The internet company has “leaked” its plans of a time-traveling car.

The search engine giant, that recently undergone the Alphabet restructuring, tweeted the link to its secret Project Flux (Flux capacitor, remember?) in a post that looked related to some new Gmail theme.

PDF in the tweet pulls off an impressive show and tries to fool you into believing that some new Google moonshot project in progress.

Google writes in the PDF:

With Project Flux our goal is to give everyone the ability to explore any place and anytime, no matter where—or when—they are. It builds on Google’s mission to make information universally accessible and useful by giving people a front row seat to experience anything they are curious about.

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If you read closely, you’ll realize that the test locations mentioned, correspond to the locations in the Back to the Future movie.

Check out Google’s complete time-traveling car plans and Project Flux ahead and share your views in the comments below.

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