Google Finally Kills Allo Messaging App

google allo
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It seems like no matter how much progress Google makes when it comes to machine learning, autonomous cars, or computation photography, the company’s messaging app strategy will remains a mess.

In a development that shouldn’t be surprising to you, Google has officially announced that it’s killing Allo messaging app. Launched in September 2016, this app will continue to work through March 2019.

The company has said that the users will be able to export their conversation history from the app. I highly doubt that anybody would actually need this data export functionality.

In a blog post, Google also told that they paused their investment in Allo earlier this year. By bringing Allo’s features like Smart Reply, GIFs and desktop support, the company plans to focus more on Messages.

It’s worth noting that Google is also eyeing to push forward RCS (Rich Communication Services). It’s an advanced SMS standard that could allow different Android devices to get iMessage like communication platform.

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