Google Quietly Admits It’s Working On Fuchsia OS During I/O 2019

Fuchsia OS

At Google I/O 2019, many of us were looking forward to announcements or news related to Google’s new OS Fuchsia. Well, the company didn’t disappoint us completely as it dropped a small clue that it’s actively working on Fuchsia and we can keep our hopes for the new operating system.

One of the major announcements at the Google I/O 2019 Developer Keynote was the expansion of the Flutter SDK from mobile apps to the web and beyond. In a dedicated blog post, “Fuchsia” was mentioned on a list of platforms that Flutter supports.

“Since its first beta last year, customers have been using Flutter to create mobile apps that run on iOS and Android. Flutter was always architected as a portable UI toolkit and, among other places, runs on Windows, Mac, Fuchsia, and even Raspberry Pi,” writes Kevin Moore, Google’s Product Manager for Dart and Flutter web technologies.

However, that is all we got to hear about Fuchsia in the I/O 2019. Google has also declined to comment any further on Fuchsia.

The motive behind mentioning Fuchsia was probably acknowledging its existence and connection with Flutter — something that developers are already aware of at this point.

In any case, now we know that 2019 is not the year we get to see Fuchsia OS. So, it seems we will have to wait a little longer for a bigger update on the same.

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