Google Developer Tweets “Most Requested Features” For Allo Which Might Be Included In Future



Short Bytes: A list of possible Allo features has been tweeted by Justin Uberti who is the co-lead of Google Allo. The list contains many features like Google Allo desktop version, quick reply, improved Google Assistant, SMS, themes, etc. However, Uberti hasn’t confirmed what feature would actually land up in the next update.

Justin Uberti, the developer and Allo co-lead at Google, has tweeted a list of 7 features which might make it to Google new instant messaging platform in the coming updates. Google Allo came about a week ago with all the delights like Google Assistant, Smart Reply, Incognito Mode but it failed to impress many people.

Google Assistant doesn’t seem to be designed to impress just like we have other Google products. That’s why an improved Assitant is a much-requested entry in the tweet.

Uberti’s 3/3 tweet says “Just to be clear… this is a list of common *suggestions* that I received, in alpha order, condensed to fit in a single tweet.”

Maybe Google doesn’t end up with all the features in the next update but we can expect an improved Assistant. Google Allo desktop should come soon as other popular platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook have their desktop variants.

Update: The title has been updated for this post. We apologize for the inaccuracies.

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