Google Wants To Become The Best Search Engine For Programming Languages

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Short Bytes: Thanks to a recent Google search update, now the programming-related search engine queries made on Google will give back more relevant results. Now, queries with special characters and programming operators will give back programming-related results. Google promises to bring more changes soon to make the experience of programmers even better.

Back in April 2016, we told you how Bing implemented the executable snippet feature in its search results. It made it easier for the programmers to look for code and make changes to it right in the search engine results page.

Earlier this month, Google received a minor update that will make the search experience of programmers even better. As a result of these changes, now the search queries with sequences of 2-3 special characters (== vs === OR +=) will give results on the basis of the meaning of these sequences in programming languages.

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In its blog post, Google mentions that if you’ll search for C++17, you won’t get the results of c17, the famous Boeing airplane. Instead, you’ll get the results from the programming world. Similarly, looking up for product and company names with punctuation, like Notepad++ and She++, will produce more accurate search engine results.

With this update, Google has taken one more step to become the best search resource for programmers. Google promises to bring some more improvements in near future.

Meanwhile, you can also check out [Syntax]DB, a great programming “search engine” for coders.

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