Google AI Computer Defeats Human Players at 2,500 Year Old Board Game

Chinese board games go
Chinese board games go

Chinese board games goShort Bytes: Artificial Intelligence has changed the way computers work. They can think very well, learn from the previous steps and based on that, they can even make the future moves — almost pretty common to what we do as humans in our daily life. The only difference is that our decisions are also defined by the other circumstances like emotional intelligence and different contemporary circumstances of the life.

When it comes to the games like chess and board games, there are no other circumstances that influence the decision, it's just the decision-making capacity of the individuals. Computers have learned to master the game of chess but one game has always eluded the computers from thinking beyond the capacity is the Chinese board game called Go, the board game that was invented more than 2,500 years ago.

The total number of combinations of the total moves in Go game easily outnumbers the chess. First time in 1996, IBM's Deep Blue computer was able to defeat the world chess champion.

Unlike chess which consists of a total of 64 squares on the board, Go typically consists of a 19-by-19-square board, where players attempt to capture empty areas and surround an opponent's pieces. While chess offers some 20 possible choices per move, Go has about 200 possible choices per move.

Google has developed the first AI software that learns to play Go and is able to beat some professional human players. Google DeepMind is the research group from London behind this project. They are now getting the software ready for the Chinese board game competition in Seoul against the world's Go Champion in the upcoming month of the March.

Finger crossed! We are really looking forward to the result of the game.

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