Who’ll Be The Winner: Human Intelligence Vs. Artificial Intelligence

human intelligence artificial intelligence
human intelligence artificial intelligence

human intelligence artificial intelligenceShort Bytes: The emergence of highly advanced technologies allowing generic selection and fabrication of complex traits, including the selection of logical reasoning abilities, suggests that Human Intelligence will co -evolve with Artificial Intelligence.

While the belief in the abundance of availability and ease of fabrication of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) is rather exaggerated, there is yet a streak of hope as there will expectedly be a speedy evolution of HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (HI) as well.

On one hand, while it is estimated that by the year 2050, AI would gain human ability and super-human ability by 2080, other facts like the cost to sequence a human genome $1,000 and the existence of highly advanced technologies allowing generic selection and fabrication of complex traits. This includes the selection of logical reasoning ability, which leaves us in anticipation of the colossal potential of human ability.

Although by 2015, cognitive engineering is expected to produce individuals with an IQ of over 1,000, this only enlightens the fact that future smarter people and smarter machines shall be interwoven in a complex cycle of mutual interdependence.

History has been the witness of a handful of such geniuses with extraordinary cognitive abilities like Alan Turing- who broke the German Enigma Code and conceptualized the notion of “ mechanized thoughts”. The other exceptional example being Von Neumann, who laid practical realization of  first electronics, computers through his revolutionary von Neumann Architecture

alan turing

While some fear that with the advancement in AI in the future, the ordinary human may lose the ability to comprehend advancement in technologies,  there lies a counter theory to this being that ordinary human beings of future will accept MI without deep understanding of it just like we use high technology smart-phones now without any prior knowledge about its knowledge or architecture.

von neumann

History stands as the witness of how great scientists back in 20th Century feared about the ignorance of the future generation about Quantum Theory in Physics. While in Today’s world a good fraction of people not only has successfully understood the theorems, but also found brilliant applications of the same.

With advancements in technologies, human minds shall be uploaded with AI to create the beginning of “ shared thoughts “ – which shall lead to the dawn of new horizon of AI.

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