Demon Slayer: Does Tanjiro Become A Demon?

Demon Slayer Does Tanjiro Becomes A Demon
Image: Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba

Demon Slayer is currently one of the most popular and heavily watched anime series. While the anime is at a very crucial point in the story arc, fans of Demon Slayer were left baffled by the latest episode of the entertainment district arc. In addition, fans are psyched for the upcoming episode 11. However, there’s one more thing that fans are curious to know; that is, “does Tanjiro becomes a demon in demon slayer?”

As we further progress in the anime’s storyline, we’re sure to uncover the details. Meanwhile, some fans are eager to know if the young demon slayer Tanjiro will become a demon. The very thing our protagonist is hell-bent on destroying. Well, in this article, we’ll be uncovering the truth behind the question and will answer if the dreadful will ever happen.

Disclaimer: The next part of the article will contain some heavy spoilers from the Demon Slayer manga.

Could Tanjiro become a demon at some point?

The anime is yet to reach the stage where the story takes a turn and leaves everyone stunned. However, those who’ve read the Demon Slayer manga know that at some point in the story, Tanjiro will become a demon.

Towards the end of the story, in chapter 201 of Demon Slayer manga, the demon king Muzan is finally defeated by the demon slayer corps. However, as the demon Muzan fades away and is remembering his past memories as a human, he infuses Tanjiro’s nearly-dead body with his blood.

In hopes that Tanjiro will become the strongest demon, the “demon king.” And in doing so, he wishes that the young demon slayer will rise up as a demon and fulfill his dreams of wiping out the demon slayer corps.

Not just any demon

While Tanjiro wakes up and becomes a demon, infused with all of Muzan’s blood and his memories, there’s more to it. When Muzan filled Tanjiro’s body with his blood, he also hoped that as a demon, Tanjiro would be able to beat sunlight. A feat only his sister Nezuko has achieved as a demon.

Interestingly, in his demon form, Tanjiro is the most powerful demon ever and is resistant to sunlight, as expected by Muzan. In addition, being the sole user of Hinokami Kagura after Yoriichii, the young demon slayer’s power as a demon is unmatched.

As for the questions, will Tanjiro kill the demon slayer corps members? or will he be killed? We’ll make sure to provide answers to those questions in time as not to ruin the storyline for Demon Slayer anime fans.

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