GNU nano 3.0 Text Editor Launched With Major Speed Improvements


Just recently, we witnessed a major release of GNU nano text editor in the form of nano 3.0. This terminal text editor for Linux is hugely popular among the beginners who’re stepping into the world of Linux.

Codenamed “Water Flowing Underground,” this version promises to speed up the file reading speed by 70 percent. Another major improvement is the doubled speed of ASCII text handling.

The other changes mentioned in the release announcement are —

  • New Ctrl+Delete shortcut of deleting next word
  • New Ctrl+Shift+Delete shortcut for deleting preceding word
  • Lots of keybinding and toggle changes
  • Recognition of more escape sequences
  • Shows correct number of line in the status bar when opening a file
  • No-Convert toggle moved to Insert menu
  • Backup and New-Buffer toggles moved to Write-Out and Insert menus
  • Nano now ignores Esc key presses before valid command keystroke
  • Bindable functions copytext renamed to copy and uncut renamed to paste

You can find more details about GNU nano 3.0 on this official page. The new update should be available soon to all major Linux distros. Give it a try and share your feedback with us.

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