Coronavirus News: Why Are Some Patients Affected More Than Others?

Coronavirus Symptoms
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According to new research, people severely affected by the deadly Coronavirus symptoms lack a crucial immunological feature.

In the latest Coronavirus news, scientists from the University of Melbourne’s Peter Doherty Institute and the University of Nantes recently discovered “immunological scars” in humans and mice who had experienced harsh lung infection prior to Coronavirus.

Coronavirus News: Macrophage Inactivation Leads To Severe Symptoms

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Researchers found that a type of white blood cell called the Macrophages was temporarily paralyzed in patients after they recovered from severe lung infections.

What’s concerning is that the inactive state of these macrophages can make the patients more vulnerable to a number of bacterial and viral diseases. The same was published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature.

These non-functioning macrophages are referred to as “Immunological scars” by scientists.

A lot of patients have died due to symptoms that share similarities to the “immunological scars.” According to a recent WebMD report, Cytokine Storm, a destructive auto-immune dysfunction could be causing a number of COVID-19 deaths.

Cytokine Storm occurs when the immune system is overactivated and releases a large number of cytokines that attack healthy cells. Patients suffering from cancer and H1N1 influenza have been known to pass away due to the Cytokine Storm.

However, according to a recent report, the macrophages can be restored to their pre-paralysis state and function at full capacity.

Currently, scientists are busy studying the temporary paralysis of macrophages and its effect on the immune system so they can “prevent the storm from occurring and improve the survival of these patients.”

Jose Villadangos, from the Peter Doherty Institute, explained that once the immune system is cured of its paralysis, patients can recover themselves without the help of antibiotics.

On May 13, a review article published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Public Health highlighted the role that cytokine storm syndrome plays in COVID-19.

And according to researchers at Zunyi Medical University, a patient could develop a cytokine storm and accelerate the damage to the lungs.

It might cause blood clotting, lack of oxygen, low blood pressure, excess acidity of the blood, leakage from the blood vessels, and build-up fluids in the lungs.

How Can Antibodies Help?

Coronavirus Vaccine Antibody
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According to the latest report, scientists have found potential neutralizing antibodies to combat coronavirus. These antibodies will mainly be used as a preventive treatment to develop immunity in people against the COVID-19.

These antibodies can last up to two years in an individual and are able to provide protection against normal types of coronaviruses as well.

Meanwhile, Pfizer and Moderna are also conducting trials of their respective Coronavirus vaccines.

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