PSA: GitHub Is Down, And People Are Blaming Microsoft

PSA: GitHub Is Down, And People Are Blaming Microsoft
Image: GitHub

Git Hub is currently down. The news comes from the official ‘GitHhub status Twitter handle, and the company says it is investigating the error 500 that’s currently plaguing the site. Users are also reporting their issues regarding the website on Downdetector.

And as per Downdetector, 89% of the problems reported are website related. However, a few days earlier, some users even had problems with Push and Pull on the website. “Can pull, but can’t push to a new branch(e.g., git push origin foobar),” a user commented.

GitHub down

GitHub is a website and cloud-based service that allows developers to store, manage, and track changes to their code. GitHub allows multiple users to collaborate on different projects from anywhere. And as per reports, the website has been down since 9:00 am, making it difficult for a large community.

What could have caused it?

When GitHub had problems last time, users found it difficult to load the website on Chrome as the search engine took forever. However, the situation changed when users switched to the Firefox browser, and it started working again. Although it might be a different problem altogether, you can try switching your browser.

The community is facing a lot of problems from GitHub as the website seems to be creating a lot of problems lately. After Microsoft acquired GitHub back in 2018, the expectations were rock solid, and no nobody expected that the website would be facing outages now and then years down the line. Although the problems might be fixed soon, it somewhat tarnishes the Microsoft brand. And the Twitter mafia doesn’t hold back.

Users are constantly finding ways on Twitter to push the code on the GitHub repo while GitHub is down. Are you a GitHub user? Are you facing problems with the website? Comment down below.

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