Amazon Will Let Sellers & Merchants Email You To Shop More

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Email inboxes are packed with tons of useless promotional emails from every website you register using your email address. Apart from Amazon promotions, now be ready to battle a barrage of Amazon Sellers’ promotional messages in your inbox. Jeff Bezos’ company shared that they were testing a feature that would allow sellers on Amazon to send promotional messages about new products, offers, etc.

Amazon is testing a new tool, “Tailored Audiences,” allowing sellers to execute email marketing for their loyal buyers. Merchants will be able to send free emails using this tool which will go public sometime next year.

Amazon wants to flood your inbox: But why?

Amazon and other e-commerce players witnessed an unexpected boom in sales when the pandemic first hit the globe. Multiple categories witnessed huge demand, and sellers flourished during that phase. Since offline buying has become restricted due to covid-19, Amazon has become the most preferred place to shop for everything. But the landscape has shifted after two years because the US and other countries are facing an economic slowdown.

People are spending a lot less than they used to, and Amazon doesn’t like that. No business would like that, which is why the new “Tailored Audiences” tool will help revive the buyer’s interest to some extent. Bloomberg mentioned that the tool would be free to use for Merchants, but we expect it to integrate into the advertising product as well. Amazon already charges for promoting a seller’s product on Instagram.

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Maybe this new tool will become another advertising product to boost sales in lieu of access to customer insights and conversion rates. Since the advertiser has to use the “Tailored Audiences” tool to send emails to buyers, they would have access to a buyer’s email address directly. But email campaigns get irritating for buyers very fast, and most of them earlier had filters in place to ignore these useless suggestions.

Amazon aims to boost its revenue using the platform’s dominance over the e-commerce industry. No other player comes even close to its operating capacity, and if the “Tailored Audiences” tool works well, it could rake in a lot of profits for both the sellers and the company.

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