Firefox 64 Released With Multi-Tab Management & Smart Suggestions

Firefox version 64

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox for desktop and Android, version 64 just got released, and it brings a handful of useful features along.

The biggest change here is the new tab management features. Press CTRL+Shift+click to select multiple tabs from the tab bar and you can move them around, close, bookmark, or pin very quickly.

The feature might take some time to used to it, but once you get the hang of it, things do get much better and quicker.

Mozilla also says you will “see suggestions in regular browsing mode for new and relevant Firefox features, services, and extensions based on how you use the web.”

For example, Firefox will recommend using Google Translate if you are frequently using Google’s natural language tool. This feature that won’t work in private browsing mode since it isn’t based on your browser history.

In addition to this, Firefox’s updated Task Manager will also inform you about the amount of energy consumed by individual tabs.

So in case you’re using a laptop, or an Android phone and you are concerned about running out of power, this feature will prove quite useful in optimizing power usage.

Other updates include improvement in scrolling speed and other performance-related metrics on Android. All of these features are now available, and you can also download the developer version of Firefox here if you are interested.

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