Microsoft’s New Edge Browser Will Support Chrome Extensions


Just a few days back Microsoft announced its upcoming Chromium based Edge browser. Now the company has also confirmed that it will support Chrome’s huge collection of extensions.

Kyle Alden, project manager of the latest browser put a rest to all speculations by confirming it the Windows 10 subreddit (via Thurrott).

It’s our intention to support existing Chrome extensions,” he replied when asked about how the new browser will function.

Those who already use Chrome extensions for productivity, news, security, etc. will be able to shift easily to the new Edge browser without losing their favorite extensions.

But again, “intent” here doesn’t necessarily mean that Chrome extension will arrive. Plus, Microsoft hasn’t announced it officially yet.

Microsoft did say that several changes “under the hood” could be expected over the span of a year. But given that other Chromium-based browsers also support Chrome add-ons, there isn’t a reason for Microsoft to ditch the trend.

Besides this, Alden also confirmed that the new Edge browser will arrive on Xbox One along with “all Microsoft devices.”

He also discussed how progressive web apps (PWAs) will function on the new browser — web pages that provide mobile app-like experiences to users.

Alden said that the team is working on providing support for installing PWAs directly from the browser and through the Microsoft Store as well.

He also noted that “Existing UWP apps (including PWAs in the Store) will continue to use EdgeHTML/Chakra without interruption.”

That being said, everyone isn’t happy with the company’s decision to switch to Google’s open-source Chromium as they believe its bad for competition.

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