Fedora To Disable Snap Plugin For GNOME Software

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We recently saw a merge proposal from Canonical to replace gnome-software snap with their own Snap Store. Along the similar lines, Red Hat’s Richard Hughes has announced that Fedora will disable snap plugin for GNOME Software. His announcement comes just a day after this.

Fedora will disable the snap plugin in its next major update release, according to Hughes. He mentions that the existing snap plugin is not very well tested and it causes general UX of GNOME software to degrade.

Hughes writes: “The existing snap plugin is not very well tested and I don’t want to be the one responsible when it breaks.” He also mentions that enabling the snap plugin also enables the ‘snap store,’ which, apparently, violates the same rules that prevent Fedora from installing flathub by default.

He further states that the design of snapd causes the packages to get updated behind the GNOME software’s back and causes problems in the UI to make the ‘metered data’ feature useless.

It is unlikely that snap support will be removed from the upcoming GNOME release, but it will still be interesting to see how GNOME will react to this change.

Fedora’s decision to disable snap support is not permanent and it could be enabled again by Fedora if snap support improves. However, if it further deteriorates, Fedora warns that it could remove snap support completely.

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