Researchers Release A Guide To Create A Wormhole


Do you remember the iconic scene from Interstellar where Matthew McConaughey, using a wormhole, travels to a distant world — where one hour is equivalent to seven years on Earth?

Researchers are working to make this piece of fiction a reality and have released a step-by-step guide to creating a wormhole. The theory mentions components and equipment that are required to create a wormhole. However, at this point, such equipment does not exist.

How to create a wormhole?

Theory of relativity explains a wormhole as a warp/bend in the space-time continuum. Wormholes can connect two distant sections of the universe via a tunnel that exists in a hypothetical 1D plane.

According to researchers’ theory, the process is similar to creating a cup phone. So all we need is two cups, which in this case would be two black holes that would be connected by a cosmic string (some theoretical object).

However, one of the greatest challenges of creating a wormhole is that it cannot remain stable for a long time. To create a stable wormhole (sort of), the researchers propose making a wormhole that is collapsing very slowly.

It can be used to transfer messages and objects before it disintegrates. This theory further explains the concept of charged black holes and how they can be used to create a wormhole.

Connecting a negatively charged black hole to a positively charged black hole would effectively create a bridge (Einstein-Rosen Bridge).

But there are challenges

As soon as something passes through a wormhole it will collapse. This is a problem that is yet to be solved by researchers.

The second issue is that black holes would attract each other by gravitational and electrical forces. But in this case, the theory says that the cosmic strings will keep the black holes in place and it might even increase their stability by connecting each other.

While the theory seems a little complex, and there is a lot of work to be done, the possibility of achieving something like time travel or teleportation through a wormhole is definitely exciting.

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