Facebook’s “Profile Search Bar” Could Help Creeps Stalk You In Better Ways

facebook stalking
It appears Facebook is testing another search bar which would find a place below your display picture on your Facebook profile page.

The small search box in testing was spotted on Friday morning by Mashable’s Kerry Flynn. She wrote that the new search tool could also be seen on her friends’ profiles for searching within theirs.

She raised the question that Facebook’s existing search tool already finds people’s personalized queries, then why a new one?

facebook profile search box
Facebook Profile Snapshot

Well, the new search box might be able to make searching within your profile a lot easier or help people stalk you better. It’s is still only a possibility because the search box might not become an actual feature.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, it isn’t a new test and would be discontinued. Also, Flynn later mentioned in a Facebook post that the said search box has been removed from her profile.

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