Facebook Open Sources MyRocks DB Engine And ZStandard Compression Algorithm


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Short Bytes: Facebook recently announced new open source tools named MyRocks and ZStandard at Facebook’s @Scale Conference 2016. While MyRocks is a database engine that leverages all features of MySQL on the top of RocksDB database, ZStandard is a compression algorithm that can outperform current industry norms.

Many major biggies of the technology industry are slowly open sourcing their products and Facebook is no different. In May, they open-sourced CTF (Capture The Flag) hacking game platform. The Facebook CTF is a platform to host hacking challenges in Jeopardy and “King of the Hill” style Capture the Flag competitions.

Further continuing its legacy of making open source products, Facebook, at the @Scale Conference 2016, released two more open source tools for developers. Let’s tell you more about them:


Facebook’s MyRocks open source platform integrates RocksDB as new MySQL storage engine. It lets one use RocksDB as backend storage and still leverage all the benefits of MySQL. MyRocks is brought into existence to counteract the problems of RocksDB. RocksDB doesn’t support SQL layers, unlike MySQL. In MyRocks, MySQL runs on the top of the RocksDB.

After deploying MyRocks into the user database (UDB) tier, Facebook would be able to save up to 50 percent storage space in comparison to InnoDB engine which is currently used in some databases. This would also reduce the number of UDB data servers used by Facebook.


Another “thrilled to announce” open source project from Facebook is the data compression algorithm known as ZStandard. Facebook’s ZStandard 1.0 algorithm, available as a library and cmd tool, outperforms the compression abilities of the current industry standard algorithms by achieving higher compression ratios at twice compression speeds.

Source: Facebook

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