Facebook Will Not Introduce Ads In WhatsApp, For Now

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Facebook has dumped the plan of introducing ads in one of its most popular messaging app WhatsApp. As per the reports shared by the Wall Street Journal, Facebook has dismantled the team which was working on integrating ads in the instant messaging service. The work which was done by the dedicated team has been removed from WhatsApp’s code.

This step taken by Facebook shows a major switch in plans related to Facebook’s strategy to generate revenue from WhatsApp. Previously, an annual subscription fee was to be charged for using WhatsApp but Facebook made the service free to use after acquiring it.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp by paying a huge amount of $22 billion after which the company removed the subscription amount and made the app available for all at no cost. WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging apps around the globe as it has around 1.5 billion users and the number is increasing every day.

The plan of introducing ads in the instant messaging service was the main reason why the creators of the application, Jan Koum, and Brian Acton parted their ways from the company. Both the creators found the plan controversial. The major concern of Koum and Acton was that inclusion od ads in the app will hamper its end to end encryption policy.

The major motive of Facebook is to create and introduce money-making features in WhatsApp. The company also wants to connect businesses to potential customers through WhatsApp and generate revenue in the process. However, Facebook is still finding ways to easily introduce ads in the WhatsApp status feature as it is seen in Instagram and Snapchat stories.

As per the reports, the development of integrating ads in WhatsApp status is not going to be introduced soon as the plan is aborted by the company for now.

As per the reports, Facebook will not integrate ads on WhatsApp as the plans have been aborted for now. However, one of the officials in Facebook said that integrating ads in WhatsApp status is one of the company’s long term goals to generate revenue in the future.


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