Facebook Testing “Secret Conversations” — A New End-To-End Encryption Feature

facebook end to end encryption in messenger
facebook end to end encryption in messenger

facebook end to end encryption in messengerShort Bytes: Facebook is testing a new end-to-end encryption feature for their Messenger app. Titled Secret Conversations, the feature is currently in testing phase and will be rolled out in the coming months.

It seems as if the blue network has adopted some good things from their subsidiary which they acquired in 2014. We are well aware of the end-to-end encryption feature implemented by Whatsapp a couple of months ago. According to a

According to a blog post made by Facebook, they are also busy testing the end-to-end encryption feature dubbed as “Secret Conversations” for their Messenger app.

We’ve heard from you that there are times when you want additional safeguards — perhaps when discussing private information like an illness or a health issue with trusted friends and family, or sending financial information to an accountant.

Their new secret conversations feature will also allow you to set a timer for how long each remains encrypted. No one, even Facebook, will be able to peep into your conversation once you enable the end-to-end encryption. This feature, which is currently in testing phase, is only available for a limited number of users at the current point of time.

The best part of secret conversations is that it is totally up to you to enable it or not. This is because once you enable the encryption feature, you loose the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple devices while using Facebook Messenger. So, you can’t type one message on your smartphone and another on your tablet. The encrypted messages will only be accessible on the source device and the one to which the message is being sent.

Facebook says that currently, the end-to-end secret conversations feature doesn’t support content rich in graphics like videos and GIFs, and other Messenger features. So, let’s wait and watch what Facebook has to offer on the encryption side when various security agencies are running after tech companies to unlock iPhones and fetch users’ private data.

Click here if you want to know the technical details about Secret Conversations.

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