Facebook Messenger For iOS To Get 2x Faster, Simpler And Lighter

Facebook messenger faster simpler

Facebook has announced a brand new version of the Messenger for iOS. The latest Messenger version is said to be simpler, smaller in size, and faster than the current version. The company claimed that the new Messenger would load in just half the time it took previously. The size of the app has also been reduced. The launch is expected in the upcoming weeks.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post that users would experience much faster speed and better response time as compared to other apps used by them. The company mentioned in an engineering blog that to make the Messenger lighter and faster, the company revised the complete codebase of Messenger for iOS.

Facebook simplified the codebase by 85% in comparison to the previous one, the app had 1.7 million lines of code, but now, the number has been reduced to 360,000. The simplified design will provide 2x faster speed to the app and will reduce the size of the app by 75%.

However, due to the reduction in the size of Messenger for iOS, Facebook has said that some features will be temporarily unavailable. The company has not confirmed which of the features will be removed from Messenger.

As per the report by TechCrunch, the latest version of the Facebook Messenger for iOS will ditch the Discover tab. The Discover tab represented various businesses and chatbots one can message. The tab is also used for playing instant games.

Facebook has stated that the company is working to re-introduce the dumped features ‘soon’ in the Messenger for iOS. No timeline for the same has been provided. The company has avoided making a comment and officially revealing the names of the features which will be removed in the latest update.

The redesigning of the Messenger was last announced by Facebook in May 2018 as it assured people that the new design would focus on making the app simpler.

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