Facebook Developer Tool for Slow Network App Testing is Now Open Source

facebook developer tool augmented traffic control slow connection 1
facebook developer tool augmented traffic control slow connection 1

facebook-developer-tool-augmented-traffic-control-slow-connection--Back in the year 2013, Facebook developed a tool to test its apps on slow connections named Augmented Traffic Control. Everyone is frustrated when mobile networks are slow and apps don’t respond smoothly. Augmented Traffic Control is being used by Facebook to know how its apps react when users are on a slow network connection.

Today, Facebook open sourced this Augmented Traffic Control on GitHub. Facebook has used this app to test its Facebook and Messenger app for crashes, download speeds, and timeouts.

It allows engineers to work out the Edge, 3G, 2G and 4G connections. This was developed during a Facebook hackathon back in 2013.

Facebook is one of the biggest social networks connecting people on the planet with an enormous user base of approx 1.4 billion people and it is now affecting people’s lives in a lot of ways. In another recent development, Facebook has introduced a new friend-to-friend money payment service via its messenger app.

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Facebook has said that it wants to make this tool available to as many people as possible. During the testing of apps using ATC, it was seen that it saved time and efficiently pointed out the weaknesses in the work.

Augmented Traffic Control was created by Facebook using open source technology using the available resources of other people. Facebook wants to make this tool available to the open source community.facebook-developer-tool-augmented-traffic-control-slow-connection-

Facebook writes in its blog:

“With Augmented Traffic Control, we can instead switch easily from one connection strength to another and demo the feature in real time on different network simulations. Because ATC is built into the Wi-Fi network our developers have been able to use it to test IOS, Android, and feature phones.”

Find the ATC open source design here on GitHub.

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