Facebook Dating Will Verify Your Age Using AI Tools

Facebook Dating

Meta is serious about the age factor while accessing its digital dating platform, Facebook Dating. Ever since the name change, Meta has been slowly improving some aspects of privacy and security on Instagram and Facebook. The social media giant is collaborating with a company called Yoti, which will handle all user age verification for Facebook Dating.

Meta had previously collaborated with Yoti to facilitate an 18+ user verification facility for Instagram. After a decent response, Meta decided to do the same for Facebook Dating because it needed it the most.

How will Meta verify your age using Facebook Dating?

Facebook Dating will adopt two methods to offer digital age verification services. The first one will be a video age confirmation test where you need to upload a short video clip that Facebook will send to Yoti. The second verification method that you might have used on another platform. You need to submit an image of your original ID (something issued by the government or a recognized education).

Meta highlighted that the ID will be encrypted and stored securely. No other user can see the ID publicly, and you can even remove it later if you like. We highly suggest you do that because history shows us that no company is impervious to cyber attacks. Meta also assures you that the video selfie you upload will be used to determine your age and not identify you as a person.

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Since Facebook Dating is a platform meant for adults, it is best that underage teens stay away from it. Meta knows that it is impossible to prevent some form of creating an account, but adding an age verification tier makes it harder for someone to use the app. Moreover, the video selfie makes it possible to see that a real person is trying to create an account.

Facebook Dating isn’t as popular as Tinder or other apps, but it is trying to mark its spot in this industry. While the Facebook creator is busy burning money on his latest VR venture, Facebook desperately needs users to grow. Apple’s ATT measures have already slashed its revenue, and only time will tell if Meta and its sister companies thrive.

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