“Elvis” Release Date: Will It Be Released On Netflix, HBO Max, Or Amazon Prime Video?

Elvis release date for HBO Max
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the movie industries around the globe. Many movies saw a delay in their release schedule due to several lockdowns. Elvis, as the name suggests, the biopic of the king of rock & roll, was also impacted by it.

After being postponed several times, the film is finally gearing up for a release on the big screen. This Friday, i.e., June 24, 2022, the movie will be released globally. So all you have to do is purchase the tickets to the film and head to your nearest theaters.

But what about its plans for the post-theatrical run? Will it be released online? If yes, then on which platform? Well, let’s find answers to the aforementioned questions in this article.

Will ‘Elvis’ be released on Netflix?

Elvis release date for HBO Max
Image credit: Warner Bros.

No, the movie will not be released on Netflix anytime soon. But if you are still searching to watch something on Netflix, then we have a suggestion. You should check out the amazing sci-fi drama TV show “The Umbrella Academy,” available exclusively on Netflix.

Will ‘Elvis’ be released on Amazon Prime Video?

Prime Video might have become a huge streaming service in recent years. But it will not be getting its hands on the digital release of the Elvis Presley biopic.

Will ‘Elvis’ be released on HBO Max?

The biopic about the American icon is being produced under the banner of Warner Bros. This means that when the film is ready for a digital release, it will be on HBO Max. As for when it will release? It should be available after 45-days of theatrical run.

But the issue is HBO Max is not available in every region. So, once the film completes its run on the big screen, we might also hear about its digital release in other countries.

For now, this is it from our end. On the topic of biopics, feel free to check our list of the best Indian sports biopics right here. Also, let us know your views about the Elvis Presly biopic in the comments below.

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