Elon Musk’s Neuralink Will Show Off New Features On Halloween Show & Tell

elon musk neuralink stream music into brain

The past few months have been all about Elon Musk. He tried to buy Twitter and then backed off from it and has now subpoenaed Jack Dorsey. Amid this, his neural implant company Neuralink plans to hold a “show & tell” progress event on October 31st. Elon Musk is elated about the event and shared the news on Twitter.

Neuralink seemed an interesting concept – to let the brain control machines and help people with a severe spine injuries. Since its inauguration, Neuralink has made some progress, and the event will supposedly let us all know about the innovations happening inside the company.

Some would claim so. But the project isn’t shut down as of yet. Neuralink achieved success in implanting the chip inside the skull of a monkey. They even released a video of a monkey playing a computer game using his mind. But since then, there have been no major disclosures from the company. Many founders have left the profound idea of building and installing a neural chip.

Neuralink is also awaiting the approval of the Food and Drug Administration, and human trials are yet to happen. Elon Musk also faced flak from animal rights activists for performing trials on monkeys. The Show and Tell event, which will happen on Halloween, will reveal the progress so far. Without conducting human trials, it will always remain a hypothesis.

Neuralink Monkey MindPong demo
Image: Neuralink

Neuralink could help a bedridden person control mobile phones and other machines, said Elon Musk in a tweet a year back. The applications of such a device are endless but installing it into a human brain is the real challenge. They need specialized machines to perform surgeries and implant the chip. Only time will tell whether Neuralink is a success or another visionary idea that could never materialize.

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